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Helping Small Hands Do Things

Supporting Your Child’s Potential

Langston Pediatric Therapy in Yorkville specializes in creative and playful pediatric therapy that helps children reach their potential through optimal learning. Offering professional evaluation, consultation, treatment and child advocacy services, Langston Pediatric Therapy engages children and their families in a program of support.

We Provide A Community of Support


Individual Education Plan (IEP) meetings can be intimidating. Langston Pediatric Therapy will act as an advocate on behalf of your child, attending the IEP meetings and working with the IEP team to ensure your child’s needs are met. We will work directly with you to review the IEP plan and goals, and coordinate with the IEP team to implement changes.


Our approach is family-oriented where parents are part of the therapy, taking part in play-based activities with their child. We will partner with you to help you learn learn and understand strategies you can utilize at home.

Community Outreach

Langston Pediatric Therapy provides hope and opportunity for children throughout our community by providing benefits, programs, and services for our local residents. We offer events, classes, seminars, and more to provide parents, professionals, and individuals the opportunity to learn about valuable resources, share ideas, and find the support they need. Together, we can teach and inspire each other to make a difference in the lives of our children.


Our sensory environment provides your child a safe environment they can trust. We provide adequate affordances – lots of toys, space, and equipment – designed with providing a variety of activities from which to choose. Equally important, we provide an environment that is emotional safe and where demands and expectations are understood. Your child will want to participate because the activities are fun. Our therapists partner in play schemes and collaborate with your child to promote our relationship and trust with them.

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